Discover Church Stretton, in the heart of Shropshire, be inspired by the rich history of the area, on the border of England and Wales, and the charm of the surrounding historic towns. The Shropshire hills and scenic Church Stretton are on your doorstep just waiting to be explored. The historic towns of Ludlow and Ironbridge lie a 30-minute and 45-minute drive respectively from the Longmynd, while the larger towns of Shrewsbury and Telford are less than 20 miles away.

Try one of these beautiful walks at Carding Mill Valley

cardingmillThe National Trust has miles of footpaths, bridleways and permissive paths to explore across the Long Mynd. There are walks available for all abilities and time scales, so you can chose to go on a short walk up to the reservoir or a much longer walk to the highest point on the hill and back. Whichever you chose you are guaranteed some good scenery. The walks suggested here are recommended by the staff, as they take in the key features of the hill and then offer up some beautiful views along the way.

Reservoir Walk>

Waterfall Walk>

The Pipe Walk>

Walk to the top of Long Mynd>

A walk to Ratlinghope across the Long Mynd>