tony_taylorTony Taylor BSc FRSC CChem Cert Ed

Tony has been a practicing chromatographer for 30 years.  He hopes to get it right soon.

He has worked in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemical labs with a wide variety of chromatography techniques, matrices and problems.

He is currently the Technical Director at Crawford Scientific, a Chromatography Columns, Consumables and Services provider.

He has responsibility for the Analytical Services laboratory which specialises in Chromatography with Mass Spectrometric detection to help solve client problems from a wide variety of application areas. Tony also leads the Training, Technical Support and Consulting business units of the Crawford Business – which means he sees a lot of problems with equipment and separations, and how to solve them.

He currently advises the business on HPLC-MS and GC-MS application development as well as developing training materials for classroom and online delivery.  He has been a trainer in analytical science for almost 20 years and is currently the Honorary Secretary of the Chromatographic Society.

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